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Seeing is believing. Well probably more than that! Seeing is being entertained, educated, informed! The visuals medium… films, tv, videos…


Indians have always been obsessed with seeing and story telling. Probably that would explain why the visual medium made its way to Indian soil and culture as early as it did. So by the time many countries were merely experimenting with moving photography, we had our coloured featured!


1913 to 2013, Indian cinema completes 100 years of glory… of evolution, or trendsetting, entertaining… creating magic that engulfs ever Indian. Raja Harischandra to Jodha Akbar, from Mr India to Krrish, from Bandini to The Dirty Picture… from Ashok Kumar to Ranbir Kapoor, from Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan, from Dada Saheb Phalke to Rajkumar Hirani, from Sohrab Modi to Javed Akhtar, from Satyajit Ray to Gulzar. National to international! Dreams to reality… and reality to dreams!


Movies today are as much a part of our lives as newspapers are to a journalist’s. Beyond the glamour associated is a medium that manages to reach out to a diverse nation in a manner far precise than any other art form.


This issue, we salute the impact of cinema as it completes a century in India. From must watches to gyaan on cinema, we have tried packing as much as we could even as we fought virus attacks – cyber and biological, deadlines and nervous breakdowns. Thanks for sticking to us. Hope you enjoy this issue as much as you usually do…


Stay inspired, stay entertained… stay filmy!




Issue Editor

Shishir Gautam

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