September 15, 2012 Off By Editor

They are attractive, Oh hell! Yes they are!
That’s what memories are
They could be toxic, or could be ecstatic
Nonetheless, enticing they are…
(Noyon Jyoti Parasara)

There is something about the past. Oh hell yes! It’s attractive to look back at, however dreadful it may have been. And you cannot deny that. Agreed that it may not always be beneficial, but then it does add to our lives… as much as teachings from mistakes do.

It’s not our fault that we retain memories. Some by default retain only bad memories, some retain just good. I by and large happen have what I call a ‘forgiving memory’. Yes I do forgive people, but it’s more about being good to my own self that I tend to forget bad things. Helps me… also leads me into soup at times!

So yes, I don’t remember why I broke up with my ex… I don’t remember the fights. I especially don’t remember breathing fire down each other’s throat or almost murdering. Naah…! That’s the good thing. What I tend to remember more vividly, or so I would like to believe, are the good things. Like… err… good things about my ex. Uh… even if there were far in between. No serious, I do remember the good things. Like the gifts, the movies… well they cost money and money is good!

Jokes apart, it pays to remember good things. Not in money terms. In terms of well being… helps you not just being able to forgive people, but your own self. Memories also reinstate your belief… in yourself and others.

So here we go… a look into some of the most beautiful memories… or frightful ones. Maybe some of them shape us as people. Maybe all of them do. A dishful of memories, fried… and entertaining! Hope you enjoy the read!


Shishir Gautam
Issue Editor

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