July 15, 2012 Off By Editor

After my last half-baked attempt at churning out an issue almost a year ago, I had promised myself I wouldn’t do it ever again if I could help it. Well. You know what they say about promises being meant to be broken. So, after hours of trying to wiggle my way out of it, more out of fear of not being good enough than anything else, when the ballot was finally struck, I was, in one word, clueless. What would I want this issue to be about? I looked around myself for inspiration. And I looked back at everything that has happened to me since the last time I edited an issue. I got my master’s degree, I got married, moved to a strange new country and a different time zone, lived there for eight months and then moved again to yet another new country and yet another different time zone, and finally found myself in a sterile empty house calling out to me to turn it into a home. And that’s where my thoughts got stuck. I suddenly knew what to do.

The best part about coming out of the safe zone of my home and my country was getting to meet and know different people. People who were well-traveled, people who were from places I had always hoped to go to, people who helped me understand the true meaning of broadening our horizons and breaking the chains of inhibition. So I decided to perform what I call a rather “Homely experiment”. I asked a whole bunch of different people to write about what came to their mind when they thought about “Home”, and kept it deliberately vague. The result of the experiment, as you would see, is this issue. So, what is the inference? Food for thought, more like. About how a single four-letter word can incite a whole spectrum of emotions in different people.

It was fun compiling this issue. It was like getting a peek into all these intimate corners of people’s hearts where they keep their memories of home tucked away neatly. And it felt especially good churning out this issue after a whole year of staying away. Felt like coming home, really.


Sankhya Samhita

Senior Editor

Fried Eye

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