May 1, 2012 Off By Editor

3.40 pm , 1st May and finally wrapped up the first phase of the online edition tasks. Bad way to start an editorial, but I am feeling pleased for a change. There might be errors of course, (We are yet to achieve perfection , but yes we are trying hard) , but I am happy. And my happiness stems from the fact that we got to interact with such fine people in the course of this issue , who can only make you feel better and not otherwise.

While the world outside is buzzing with news both good and tragic, I would like to stick  to my own little world of Fried Eye today . Somehow I wouldn’t want to pollute my and also your sense of peace , calm and hope with ugly realities.

We decided to base our First May issue on Professions and Careers , in keeping with the significance of the day, but were very apprehensive on whether we will be able to pull it off or not. The intention though honorable was tough to implement and we started our hunt for people who really felt from their heart  for this topic and who were willing to share their learning experiences with us. We stayed clear from those analytical , mechanical write ups which were high on statistical quotient but low on emotional one and instead focused on true accounts of perseverance, passion and determination which led them to their goals or are leading them successfully to it.

And so, we found our heroes among the common people  , among ourselves and interacting with them and reading about their innermost desires and their journeys have been such an uplifting experience, that I am sure I will be feeling a sense of warmth and hopefulness for a long time.

Each account had a story and each story has something that we can learn from.We have Colonel Prem Chand’s dream Mountain Cruize, Shangreiwon Multhow with her unique Exotic School of Cooking at Dimapur, Shahwar our star author on Chain Reaction, Ms Eju Baruah, an aeronautic engineer and an aspiring pilot who might create history in the future , Jim Ankan Deka , Director Eastern Fare Music Foundation on Music as a career and Vinayak with his point of view about the global job scenario this issue for you. And of course our gems Sankhya , Tinam , Anupam on their own personal yet touching experiences. On a lighter vein we have some humor from the Medical Profession, Miss Cellany’s controversial yet candid view point and an anonymous letter from a Mother to a daughter for the other perspective.

This issue will hold a special place in our hearts for the treasure we have gained through their words and we hope that it gives you something to ponder and smile about this fortnight.



Executive Editor

Fried Eye

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