April 15, 2012 Off By Editor

The toughest part of bringing out an issue every fortnight is the editorial and that is when I wish, if only silence spoke thousand words. Well if not a thousand, then a five hundred would do fine. And though 99 percent of you out there, wished I kept quiet, but  just like the mandatory welcome speech before a dazzling cultural function, or the boring thanks giving speech before a sumptuous dinner spread, I too have to pave the way for the magazine to unfold with my two cents. Not that it can not be ignored. It mostly is.

It is not so that I don’t enjoy interacting with you or addressing you all. In fact I am always eager to do so. But the strain doubles the moment I realise that I have to make sense and that, I have a responsibility to make sense, even at the cost of sounding cliched, over done and boring. Its a pity I cannot hope to be myself at the cost of looking like a fool, though a slightly interesting complete fool.

The other day I was watching a movie where it was stressed quite often that, just- Be Yourself. And though it sounds so very simple and logical, not to mention tempting, but is it that simple or easy? Can we always be ourselves? Can we afford to be our true selves every where?

No, I guess not or else that will not result in a much desirable picture. But nor are fakes desirable. As we know its no more about ‘black and white’ . We are all in fact shades of grey hence we cannot be completely ourselves. There has to be restraint, a sense of responsibility, a need for balance between the real we and ‘needed’ we.  Its all a psychological balance to make sense and make ourselves useful to the world including ourselves. So there has to be a speeding limit, a censor board and the likes. No doubt the universe is infinite for us to be free floating spirits, but our physical beings have been cramped in a finite space and we have to take care not to step on somebody else’s toe.

Though our theme this issue is The colors of Spring, it carries a lot of undertones regarding psychological issues along with some treasured words and moments with  Sunita Khaund Bhuyan and Kenny Basumatary plus many more. Hope you enjoy reading the issue as much as I enjoyed editing it.

Hope the year and years ahead gift you every joy you deserve.

with best wishes


Executive Editor

Fried Eye.

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