April 1, 2012 Off By Editor

Just an hour remains for the significant date of 1st April to pass by and we for a moment were rather worried about missing another deadline, but thankfully circumstances and fate did not make a fool of us and some how we scraped in to finish within the deadline.

As the world continues to pass by through its myriad kaleidoscopic timeline, we decided to tarry a little to ponder about the so called “Fools” and we could not help but remember the phrase – Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.  How lucky we were to have some of the greatest fools like Galileo, Columbus, Vasco Da Gama, Yuri Gagarin who ‘rushed’ in where angels did indeed fear to tread.  And how ironical it is that the little knowledge that we have managed to aquire for our benefit about this vast mysterious universe is because of some far sighted fools who went against the tide so that their fellow beings could sail in comfortable waters.

Maybe the state that we are in , socially, eco biologically and every other “- ally” of the preceding two, needs some bold fools to deliver us all from the impending doom.  Not that we don’t have any , but we need some more, to dare, to experiment, to be different. Yes, we need some more “Fools” to make a big difference.  Hence in our April First Issue, we have tried to maintain and uphold the theme of – Being Bold and Duty Fool. We have an interview of musician Akashdeep Gogoi who tries to be different  with his latest offering Xurr ; Col Jay Mishra relates to us about his African Safari carried in two parts, the first being published this issue; we also have a feature on an  innovative presentation called Local Kungfu which has been widely acclaimed , Laveena speaks about the power of youth, Mishi about parasailing while Priyanka delivers about the power of Social Media, a technological boon of this century plus we have Shahwar narrating about his childhood daredevil acts Sankhya’s fiction on a bold theme and of course our regular features.

Hope the next fortnight we achieve in bringing out the daredevil side of you through our e zine and make it amemorable experience for you.

Once again celebrating the sweet innocent foolishness in us, Happy April Fools day.



Executive Editor


Tinam Bora

Copy Editor

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