January 15, 2012 Off By Editor

A new year arrives and some new lessons are learned. Working on a new issue or theme of Fried Eye, teaches me newer things, both statistical and abstract. Learning is a continuous process just like life , and why shouldn’t it be as Life itself is the teacher. While working on the music theme of our current issue, I came upon some amazing websites, initiatives and persons which did not fail to awe me. Their determination, passion and dedication towards the same passion inspired me and filled me with a renewed vigor to dream big for Fried Eye.  After all dreams are the most powerful propulsive force for progress, both materialistic and also for the soul , so why not dream, no matter how absurd they may sound to others or how impossible they may seem.

Speaking of dreams, it was the dream of Papa Rock or Amit Saigal (as affectionately he was known) which has made the foundation for todays Indian Rock scene stronger, after he almost singlehandedly started Rock Street Journal and continued his zealous efforts towards promotion and strengthening  of the Indian Rock music scene. His untimely demise shocked many of the persons whom he had personally known and encouraged and promoted in their musical career. It certainly left a big void in the Music world which will be hard to fill. May his dreams be fulfilled by the next generation of music enthusiasts.

We have in our current issue dealt with the other lesser known perspectives of Music, so as to bring before you some comparatively unknown yet interesting tidbits about Music, which in itself is a vast topic and can be never completely covered even if we put two issues together on it.

Hope this festive weekend, you have an enjoyable time reading it and of course we will be  happy to know your feedbacks which you can mail us at editor@friedeye.com

Once again A happy new year and a Happy Bihu and Pongal to everyone of you


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