Indi- Genius

Indi- Genius

February 1, 2012 Off By Fried Eye Joint venture

Think Tribes, villages,  and the pictures that come to one’s mind generally are of poverty, backwardness and remote, aloof from the outer world, hard life, survival and many things to the similar effect.


Well life is certainly hard, but they make it easier to some extent.

Backward? Depends on your definition.

The photographs below are not a show of technique , nor does it boast of photography skill, rather it attempts to share some amazing facts that reinforces the statement-Necessity is the mother of invention.


Millet cultivation


1944,Apatanis cultivate millet by an unusual method. They first sow seeds in a nursery bed, like rice, and then transplant it to dry ground, including bunds of the paddy fields. Here, one woman makes holes in the bund with a pole, while the other woman places the millet seedlings in them.


“My home made tools and hands create more beautiful colours ” A lady weaving at home.


Grind and bump of life!


Formula one? or a formula that works in heavy material transportation


A baby carrier.


Fish traps. Working of an advanced mind.


Water- a life force, a formidable life force.

Hanging Bridge- Technological marvel?

If those photographs intrigued you very much and if you would like to have a more detailed view then please join Lovely Arunachal in facebook. Its a vast treasure house and we are indebted to him for letting us use his resources.


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