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If some body were to ask me which trait of human beings do I like best, my answer would be resilience. This is one quality that makes the world go on and human beings survive even in the extreme of conditions. Well they do vary in degrees in different individuals, but the bottom line remains that it is one single quality that is inherent in all and that which is very necessary to be inherent in all. Resilience is the primary quality that I would desire for the future generation as times are becoming harder and if they have to fight through, then they surely need it in larger doses.  But a fighter need not lose the humane touch either if you are imagining a sort of anarchy. A fine balance needs to be maintained and again thankfully being humane comes naturally to human, barring aside few exception;, so my choice of best trait still would remain Resilience.

Resilience and Humanity brings us back to Dr Bhupen Hazarika, the great humanitarian and an artistic genius whom we lost ten days back and an incident that brought life to a standstill almost, in Assam and the North East. The response was unbelievable and much talked about. The world stood awestruck, tributes poured in.People shared little tidbits about him so as to hold on to the wisps of memories of time spend with the Maestro. We in Fried eye were speechless and felt inadequate with our words- a fear that we might not be doing justice to the Genius if we attempted to utter anything about him. It seemed things would never be the same again, and yes it will never be. It never is when you lose someone you love, but life moves on.  People move on. We shake the grief away , wipe away the tears, ignore the bruises and stand up and say- Well time to move on and finish the job that we have been sent for. Time to move on and attempt to carry forward the dreams that have been left in our mantle by our loved ones. Resilience, you see!

Yes , Sir! Time to move on and attempt to create a better world that you, we dreamt of!



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