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With freedom comes great responsibility but sadly this fact is over looked by some callous individuals leading to misery of a great number of people. More so if they are responsible for a state, region, country. The past fortnight’s incidents have been quite depressing, with the news of Londonriots, Pune farmers shooting, Mig 21 crash to name a few. The Jan Lokpal bill situation seems to be heading towards a deadlock with the proposed fast of Anna Hazare from 16th. Of August. And to top the misfortunes, we lost Shammi Kapoor , the legend, just today morning. Security has been beefed up every where and it is an irony that our Independence Day is one of those days when our freedom gets curtailed to quite an extent for security reasons. Why did it come to such a situation? Maybe we dwell too much on the whys and What could have beens, but now we are fast approaching the red mark when we have to take stock of everything and make democracy what it was supposed to be- accountable to the people.

Maybe Anna Hazare’s satyagraha is one such indication that times are changing for the better. Indiawas never a bad apple as can be seen from its rich history nor can we write off the people completely. We Indians have always been famous for our last minute surprise acts- be it cricket or politics. Let’s hope that some one among us has an ace up the sleeve which will be the origin of all solutions. If we believe in it, we will surely be able to.

On that note I leave you to enjoy our issue for this fortnight. The issue- where= every article has been compiled with great care, with a relevant message in each of them for you all and we just hope that we have not let you down in your expectations from us in any way.


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