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In Love With Myself

In love with myself
In love with my own reflection
With my own affection
With the vision that I see

There’s nobody else
I’m taking my own direction
I can see perfection
Doing all I can for m
In love with myself…

-David Guetta

Narcissist, that I’m. I’m in love with myself and this fact has given me the best and the worst in life. I’m sometimes very selfish due to this and at times I get focussed on what I want due to my selfless love for myself. I never lose patience until I get what I want. That also makes me stubborn at times. At times when everybody else has left me, I don’t feel lonely as I never would leave myself and feel the courage to move ahead. I’m actually hated at those times.

As they say, to love someone, you need to love yourself. So, love yourself to love your loved one.

Happy Loving,

Pramathesh Borkotoky
Fried Eye

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