What is love to you?

What is love to you?

February 15, 2011 Off By Survey Group

A survey! What is your idea of love. Is it sublime? Divine? Carnal or very casual? Or as innocent as the fresh early morning dew? Just take this survey of ours which does not promise to unravel this difficult secret of what exactly do you think is love. Rather it is a small endeavor to help you realize your own doubts and feelings of the feeling called LOVE.

1) When was the first time you uttered the magical three – “I love you” words to a loved one ?

  1. When you were in high school
  2. You haven’t uttered it to anyone yet but waiting for that someone special
  3. You don’t remember . You keep on saying it off and on
  4. To your mom when you were in kindergarten
  5. What “love”? You don’t need to say I love you to be physical with anyone.

2) How do you show your love and care to a person be it your friend or anyone?

  1. By writing poems and letters, dedicating songs, tags in facebook. Etc.
  2. By being there whenever he or she needs you. You can do anything for your loved ones. ANYTHING
  3. Spending time together and having fun
  4. By sharing all the little details of your family life and telling them what a lovely family you have
  5. Your friends are understanding and not fussy like others. Lovers know only the language of love

3)What gift would you love to gift your beloved?

  1. A card , hand written note and flowers.
  2. If possible your life, but otherwise whatever he or she wishes as long as it is possible. Nothing is too much for your love.
  3. A music collection .Easier to manage that way.
  4. You would love to take him or her to meet your family and treat him or her to one of the grandest meals cooked at home.
  5. Lingerie for girls. A customized strip tease for the man.

4) Which is one romantic movie that you can watch on and on?

  1. 50 first dates/ Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge
  2. P.S I love you / Hum dil de chuke sanam
  3. You have got a mail/ Ishq vishq pyar ya
  4. Meet the parents/ Vivaah
  5. Blue lagoon/ Jism

5) A place which you think would make the perfect spot for a perfect romantic date

  1. A beautiful garden
  2. A cottage in the mountains
  3. A mall
  4. A temple or an ashram.
  5. A lonely sea shore

6) When are you hurt most by your loved one?

  1. When she speaks to a beautiful girl/ handsome boy
  2. When he or she ignores you and misunderstands your intentions.
  3. Life is too short for such things. Just enjoy and let others enjoy.
  4. When he or she doesn’t respect or gives the same importance to your family values and family.
  5. When he or she bites me too hard.

7) If he or she asks for a lifetime commitment, what will be your most likely answer?

  1. Yes of course! ( then feel apprehensive later on when you realize what you have done)
  2. Be speechless with joy and start weeping in joy
  3. Smile at him or her. Plan a splendid date and then let her/him go gently from your life.You will miss her/ him
  4. Feel pleased but explain that you need to discuss it your family and his/ her family too.
  5. Run for your life

8 ) Place in order of importance- love, family, career,

  1. love- family- career
  2. love- love and love
  3. career- love- family
  4. family- career- love
  5. career- career – career

9) Is it imperative that your love should be a virgin?

  1. yes
  2. It is not imperative , but to be honest I would love to believe that he/she is only mine. No moral issue as such.
  3. Love – no, but wife – maybe yes. Only maybe!
  4. Yes of course.
  5. What does it matter? Big deal.

10) How much is sex important in a relationship with your love? What will be your response to this query?

  1. Blush!
  2. It is but it is not THE factor. His / her happiness and comfort are more important.
  3. Sex and fun doesn’t have to go concurrently , but no big deal if it happens.
  4. It is after marriage.
  5. Sex is important.Period

If majority of your answers are A-

You have a rosy picture of romance. Fresh and innocent like that of a teenager. You still believe in sweet simple dreams of blissful togetherness, with no troubles, no hurdles, no responsibilities. But my dear, though life is not a dream. The real world is harsher and far bitterer than you imagine. So first set your priorities. If your priority is your love then, be prepared for the fight ahead too, for life is one big war. Less with the world, more with your own insecurities and doubts. Good luck. You need to win a secure place for yourself first than make a secure nest for both of you.

If majority of your answers are B-

Well , you are one intense lover. What an amazing confidence of your own feelings. You must be either well settled in your life or completely crazy about her. If you are well settled , then yes please go ahead and win him/ her and I am sure you will. If you are still on your way to stability, then I just have to say that your behavior borders on the obsessive. Though I feel overwhelmed at the intensity of your love, I would however caution you to go slightly slow as you might be misunderstood or your actions misinterpreted. You cannot promise the earth if you don’t have a piece of it for yourself. Right? Other wise you are the perfect lover.

If the majority of your answers are- C

You are the new generation. You believe the world is out there waiting to be explored. And you are right in your own way. Life is short and every moment is to be cherished with joy , every moment experienced. But in your quest for living life fully, just don’t overlook love and miss out the most beautiful feeling in the world. True love is hard to find. So don’t shut your eyes to it. Let it enter and colour your life.

If the majority of your answers are D-

You are a totally traditional person with rich traditional values. I am not sure how to grade you but, you are neither obnoxious as you may seem nor a chauvinist as people say. You just have been brought up in tradition. That’s all and there is nothing wrong in it. In fact it is good in many ways. But I just want to mention one small thing. Too much of a cultured , trained thoughts kill the spontaneity. Everything becomes controlled and manipulated. I hope you get my point. Love is a spontaneous feeling and so at times (not always)you have to let your heart rule your mind.

If the majority of your answers are E-

Well what can I say? You are a self made person. You have built your own rules. Your own world. This is a democracy and as long as you are within the boundaries of law, there is nothing wrong in how you think. It is true, somewhere you lost the urge to be in love- maybe a bitter experience, may be life. But you have become a mean machine as they say. Nothing bad with that, except one day- one unexpected day- you ill miss love in your life. Hope it won’t be too late then. Break the chains that bind your heart. Let it loose and try to feel. Life is beautiful at times, if you give it a chance. Trust me!

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