August 1, 2010 Off By Editor

Today is friendship day, and the internet is flooded with friendship day messages. I have been lucky with friends and I have many friends who are ready to do anything I request and so I also reciprocate those feelings, even Fried Eye is also possible for those friends only. They have supported me in good and bad times. However, if you ask me about my best friend then without any doubt I would say that it is my Ma. Everybody loves his/her mother and many would agree that their mother is their best friend. Everyday, when I come back to home I talk with her about my day. The things I liked, and the things I hated. She listens to all that and we try to analyse the day and whatever I am today is due to those sessions I had over the years. Most of the time she is my Ma, but at that moment of the day she is my friend, my best friend.

So, to my Ma and to all my friends who made my life beautiful:

Happy Friendship Day!

Signing off

Pramathesh Borkotoky

Exec. Editor,
Fried Eye

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