Dare To Dream-

Dare To Dream-

November 15, 2012 Off By Fried Guest

                                                                                                                                  by Tishta Tandon



Things sometimes don’t go as planned,

And you’re left, not knowing where you stand,

All you feel is melancholy,

In the face of adversity.

Do you know why you failed, dear one?

It’s because you were not having any fun!

Don’t get me wrong, the last line is not a pun!

Time flies by, even when you don’t try,

So brighten up your days

Life may surprise you in a number of ways!

Because life is not about sulking around,

It’s not about walking with a frown,

It’s never as grueling as it seems,

So take a chance and dare to dream!








Oblivious to the raindrops, I lay there, gasping for breath,

And as the horror sunk in, I kept wishing for death!

Every day I had read about it in newspapers,

Been warned about it by relatives and neighbors!

The glares had always perturbed me,

Every single time my heart had beat fast,

Still I could do nothing but stride past,

Hoping that one to be the last!

A thousand times I had heard,

My father anxiously exclaiming-

Don’t go thither, it is not befitting”,

Don’t be so paranoid”, was all I kept saying!

What is everybody going to say now when they know?

Will they forgive me or just let me go?

How am I going to live with this shame?

But really, am I the one to be blamed?!


The world by troubling thoughts I had built,

Is very akin to the reality I now face,

Because you see I am such a disgrace!

That life I used to live seems way beyond stars,

Well, now, they treat me like an alien from Mars!

Like the walking dead I am going to have to spend,

The rest of my life without any friend,

Well, what’s the use now to lament!

As the one who murdered my soul,

Is walking free, he has been exempt!

How can my insanity not ensue?!

When my testimony is not good enough for them to be true!

More often than not, I am tempt,

To curse and kill that monster unkempt!

But it’s pointless now to fret,

He would wreck another life soon, I bet!

So please just let me die!

Before he again comes nigh,

Just let me die….

Just let me die…






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