Crowdsourcing: Exploiting the power of the Many

June 1, 2013 Off By Vinayak Gole


The internet is a haven for ideas. And with time, these ideas do not just stay but grow and prosper. The turn of the decade, has seen a new sense of entrepreneurship, social. Everyone is involved with everyone and everything. And based on this concept is the base of crowdsourcing.

Have you ever stepped out of the way to help a stranger? Have you ever put down some money, spent some time or even given up on some prized possession for the betterment of someone completely unknown? In that case you have been a philanthropist. But when a number of such social philanthropists come together, we get the power of the crowd to do something good. This is crowdsourcing.

There are a number of resources available on the internet to help people realize their dreams. These sites charge a nominal fee for each of the donations; however, they are still the best bet.

The most popular of the lot being:



The leader of the lot, Kickstarter has helped people start up projects in music to films to science. Starting up a campaign is easy and can be set up with nothing more than an email and a PayPal account. Kickstarter has financed projects not just for causes and charities but also for businesses and even for personal needs.



Indigogo notches up the second spot and is focussed more on exploiting the power of the crowd for businesses and personal needs. The site has seen large number of supporters primarily because of its international appeal and personal touch.




Rockethub goes a step further and helps businesses with marketing and promotions as well. Their FuelPad and LaunchPad programs let campaign owners connect with partners to help in promotions and marketing.




Need a car or need to buy that smartphone but are running short of cash, get the Gofundme genie to grant you the wish. The site is primarily for personal wishes which can be funded by friends and unknown benefactors.




Wishberry is the Indian alternative to crowdfunding. The pioneer of the crowdfunding industry in India, Wishberry has funded campaigns for music to film to businesses to books.



The internet is a haven for realizing dreams. If you have a dream, the merchants are all ready to fulfil it. This new wave of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, is bound to get many more dreams realized.


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