Celebrate Manhood : International Men’s Day #ShowMenSomeLove

Celebrate Manhood : International Men’s Day #ShowMenSomeLove

November 19, 2014 Off By Wise Bachelor

Today’s International Men’s Day.The day is marked every year as an opportunity to work together to improve the lives of men and boys all over the globe. The theme for the International Men’s Day 2014 is “Working Together for Men and Boys”. In this occasion, we present to you some quotes by Wise Bachelor. Celebrate Manhood, be a man and keep loving women. No offence meant to LGBT society.


Men are to be loved, not to be understood.


By nature, men are loving.


Behind every successful man, there is a woman; sometimes more than one.


Relationships between men and women are at best when lust and companionship go together.


A successful man has everything but a failed man is more learned and happy.


If a man flirts with a woman, it means he appreciates her true beauty.


Men and women don’t understand each other but men are more truthful while women claim that they understand men fully.


A man usually doesn’t not agree with women but to keep things simple and the woman happy he simply does not argue.


Men are in general very manipulative with women and can easily attract a woman he truly wants.


I am very fond of women, but like all men I don’t understand them.

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