Where have you stored your dreams Enazori?

By Parasmoni Goswami


Where have you stored your dreams Enazori?

In your palms or betwixt your sharp sword edged eyebrows?

In between your strawberry fingers or beneath

Your coiled naval painting?


Where do I go around searching your trances Enazori?

Last night I kept my ears on yours,

To listen through the hollowness

And also plunged in your brown eyes –

A stream of fantasy touched every wave of my soul.

Now I want to store your dreams in an app of the iStore.

Want to create a blueprint of your dreams

And would knot it to your Ma’s Sador.


Tomorrow when it rains will play the seventh string of my guitar

And will do it every evening when it rains.

When the summer heat will soak your Ma’s Mekhla Sador,

Will make her listen to the lyrics of your whimsical dreams.

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