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    A fully filmy love story by Kalpa

    A fully filmy love story by Kalpa

    Kalpa Jyoti happens to be my childhood friend and I was very happy when he announced to me that he is writing a book inspired by the love story depicted by You have got the mail. So, when I received this book for review I decided not to do it in regular style as I may be unintentionally partial which defeats the purpose of a review. I am writing an introduction to the book and hope you get a fair idea of the book. Kalpa dared to write a small novellete, a format that is becoming extinct nowadays. I appreciate him for that.

    We all yearn for that perfect love in our lives but love is not a pizza that you can order anytime and get it. It’s more like a job offer, sometimes the job market is bad and you cannot do anything about it. Sometimes, you have more than one job and you go with the one your heart feels and not conventional wisdom says. Pardon my insensitivity towards love.

    The protagonist in “I wanted it to be you”, tells his story in first person and how he messed his life while following his heart. Life throws you in difficult situations that you never expected will happen to you. Despite all goof ups in finding love, between hope and despair, he finally manages to find his love and has a happy ending.

    A fully filmy love story by Kalpa

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