Blind Date

February 15, 2010 Off By Miss Cellany

Dear Diary,

Now that I’m legally blind, I have decided to buy a cane. You see, the traffic is driving me mad. I just cannot walk on the roads without being hit! Bloody cows. And buffaloes. Add a bunch of mysteriously thinking motorists at the helm. Idiots. They never understand. We could get each other killed.

But the bigger issue here is not the safety, but the society. I have to admit, I AM a pretty babe, one of the most checked out in the office. A cane would totally undermine my sex appeal. Right?

Wrong. Rather, who cares? Sex appeal or safety? In fact, neither. Sanity should be the option. And I choose that. Plus, sex appeal comes with the way one handles self. Just being who you are. You know what, I might just make being blind cool! And the Polaroids look absolutely awesome. On me, of course.

I’m happy with who I am. And its upto me to show the world that “Yes, I do the same things. Just differently.” So differently, yet as efficiently, that the world is amazed. See, I finish my work too… Just seconds before the deadline ends. (Note: Procrastination may or may not have played a role.) And that always sets things in order leaving no doubts whatsoever in anybody’s mind about what I can or cannot do. *Nods*

Hey, I even saved Pramod from the traffic police! That reminds me. He owes me 200 bucks. Anyway, thanks to the outstanding accessibility features, the fact that I can access my browser three times faster is only cause of jealousy around the workplace. Huh.

Was made organizer for Valentine’s day party games. Came up with games “Red Heart meets Red Rose”, “Cupid’s arrow strikes!”, “Do Eye see what you see?” and some more I shall not mention here. It was only Shruthi who understood the more profoundly sinister reason behind the choice of games. Yup. I won’t be taking part in any of these.. And like always, the show began with the immortal words – “Let the suffering begin!” 😉

O! And I also joined the Retinitis Pigmentosa Awareness Programme on Facebook. Awareness is such a critical thing I tell you. Now that I’ve told the world I can’t see, especially the what I can’t see, things are much easier. Feels good. For a change. 🙂

Signing off.

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