Author: kajal

I am just a regular stay at home mom.Coming from Armed Forces background I have grown up eating different types of food. As far as I can remember I have always loved all type of cuisines, but I guess at that time there was no concept of "Foodie". After that I remember how me & my husband ( then my boyfriend) used to explore small joints all over Delhi...not always fancy restaurants coz we were not exactly earning big bucks then :). I guess my passion for cooking was lying dormant somewhere inside me and I never had the wish nor the time to let it come out. Post kids life became homebound, my love for food was always there and since could not go out much I thought why not try my hand at cooking them at home. And like they say rest is history.....I started off with less elaborate dishes and then went on to trying as much variety as time & ingredient availability would permit. So now cooking has become something which I enjoy doing and it's a big stress buster too......and the reward is the empty plates and the looks of satisfaction in my family's eyes ;p. Next I want to start exploring the world of Desserts as I have never really tried them seriously since I really don't have a sweet tooth. Bas Sanjeeta this is me in can edit & proof it anyway you like :)