Author: Dagny Sol

I am a corporate trainer. Growth and transformation are not just words for me- they are my passion and calling. I am the student that loves to share the wisdom and insights I come across as I walk my life-path. I write to help create a moment of still upheaval that accompanies a shift in paradigm and completes the process of transformation. I have three children who try to keep me in line in matters of behavior and apparel.
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Freedom – by Dagny Sol

By Dagny Sol

It is a complex, multi-faceted word, like a sparkling diamond, and as precious. Its multiple aspects refuse to be contained…

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By Dagny Sol

Here we are again. We are back to another day devoted to odes being sung to their courage and patience;…

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The Three Phases

By Dagny Sol

I don’t remember the precise moment when The Decision became a living entity amongst us. I think it came home…

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Oh Maestro..!

By Dagny Sol

   His voice has been called velvety; it has been likened to silk. During 1970s, the art of ghazal singing…

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A Monsoon Afternoon

By Dagny Sol

Fried Eye says- Dagny Sol weaves a magic with her words and enthralls us as she recreates beautifully a monsoon…

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Fire Your Engine

By Dagny Sol

– Dagny Sol My father had a poultry farm once upon a time. I was a ten year old kid.…