Author: Chandraprakash Mohata

Chandra Prakash Mohata graduated from Entrepreneurship development institute of India, in 2007 is well placed as a CEO & a successful entrepreneur with Mohata textile mills. Recently, he has buzzed the Indian market with his spice flavored, fiction based novel named ‘Patyala down de throat’.Chandraprakash Mohata’s debut novel gets you through a complete package which allows you to explore an undiscovered world of full to entertainment. Inspired from his own life history, the author thought of creating a buzz with his spice-flavored novel “Patyala Down De Throat,” based on college fun and folic. It is his first extensive piece of fictional writing in the form of a novel, but it seems he has been writing since years, as the author gives here a hint of professionalism. However, what differentiates him from other fictional writers is his special and personal style of using simple words to convey experiences. Apart from being a diehard romantic poet and a prolific blogger he is also a creative cover designer. Despite of his hectic business schedules he has not parted with his passion for writing. Being as an entrepreneur with his textile business venture, he is currently based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and can be contacted