The Mountain Gal

November 29, 2010 Off By Chandraprakash Mohata

Not made of honey and yet so fair
Heat melts her away but heat doesn’t dare

Big black eyes as a mermaid jus awoke
A mist so clear which give my confines a gentle stoke

My heart chills away and the body freezes out
Emotions pore and ooze its feels like the ninth cloud

That mountain gal her voice is so sweet
That when she sings it is followed by natures greet

Those shining and flowing hairs as if mothers care
The falling river shy away and the eyes cant stop looking there

Happiness enrobes the atmosphere and the Pandora’s evil leave
I feel like care for her more than any 1 believe

My friendship resides for her and my goal is nothing besides her
My life though no where near still always strives to be her

Like the ray of light kills the darkness within a sight
in the same manner her charm castled in enlightened night

She chained ma heart and captured my thoughts
her smile disarms me as it’s says “forget me not”

Seasons came seasons left but still ma heart craves for her

I know my destiny strikes on me but still I will always wait for her.

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