February 15, 2013 Off By Fried Eye

Finally we would like to end our monologue or in other words we have reached the last phase of our trip down the memory lane with a vote of thanks to some of the organizations and people who remained with us as a support throughout.


This may sound as a sponsored post but upon our honour, the people or organization that we will be mentioning do not have an inkling of it. Even many of our team members were not aware of such a thing being planned. So do forgive us if we err …

We have already told you about Bidyut Kotoky and Chain Reaction in our earlier posts.

Filmmaker Bidyut Kotoky has been a constant support since the inception of Fried Eye. Whenever we have turned to him for words of encouragement or guidance, he has never let us down.

It has been a great honour for us to be associated with him and we take this opportunity to thank him for being there for us always.

Chain Reaction, may you touch newer heights and Shahwar , hope you will never be short of adventure and words.

Some time back we became acquainted with Ideas Inc, an advertisement and media based company owned by Ranjan Dutta and Chuman Das, which is a complete one stop shop for content ideation to execution. Basically they “ideate produce and amplify content across media for films and advertisement.” Their rise and progress has been quite impressive with their recent role as the official media publicist in India for the Marrakech International Film Festival .

Ideas Inc has constantly provided us content for our you tube channel and has been with us since a long time. Our gratitude and best wishes will be always there for them.

Another patron of Fried Eye that we would like to mention here today is Kraftinn, who too has been us with since long and has been not only a source of inspiration for us with their own success story and their mission of promoting and manufacturing eco friendly sustainable and resilient furniture and utilities, but at times has also offered us advice and guidance whenever we needed most.

Our sincere good wishes will be always with Kraftinn and we wish them success and fame.

We have had some great association with IIT Guwahati, Tezpur University Assam and Nissan, all of them which added to the wisdom of our growing experience.

It had been a total delight to interact with Priyasri Art Gallery, Mumbai and we also thank Mrs Rini Kakoti for providing us with welcome news from overseas now and then.

We also would like to thank our guest and regular contributors for providing the ‘fuel’ that actually drives us on.

Finally, our gratitude goes out the most to our loyal readers who has been with us through thick and thin and who are the reason for our existence today.

We thank you all once again and hope that we be together for a long time to come.

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