And if I had to tell you

And if I had to tell you

May 1, 2013 Off By Maharnab Hazarika



……and in the quietest of times
the darkest burst of epiphany
Holds me,
Wedged in a few puffs of smoke,
And carcasses of long-dead grief
And love sickness as fictional.

in that shimmering spectre
I ask again, how can all the love I need
Come and entwine me
In a single rise and hush
Of brown, wet air?
You softly reply
In the faintest of truthfulness
How in the labyrinths of my voice
You lose yourself away
And some other varied
collected and recollected pieces of fiesta.
And then you tell me back
how you might think
Nothing in the world could drag me to you
From the cauldron of my sadness. (Made up?)

but did i tell how you create tides in me
In a nimble glance and lengthen them,
I do not know a bit of
Your coldest anguish
Or your craving extremities yet
Yet while I plunge and struggle
Swimming, devouring your sweetness

I’ll ask you
To mourn back your widowed dreams
To the cluster of forgetfulness
And cast your thirsty eyes on me
For some time more
And I may love you back…


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