The illusion of illusions

The illusion of illusions

May 1, 2013 Off By Miss Cellany



Indian Cinema completed 100 years of existence. 100 years of celluloid dreams and illusions! Speaking of illusions why do we love them only to realize later that we are not doing any good by believing in them?

I don’t make any sense, right? So does the fact that most of the times all we do is run away from reality so that we can be really grounded later on?

Life is beautiful- This is one Mantra which young and old equally like to advocate! Whatever happens, you are to appreciate the beautiful aspects of life and say Life is beautiful.

In the movie Life is beautiful, an illusion was necessary for the little kid so that he has something called hope to go on, but is it necessary even with us, grownups? Or is it that in some ways we never grow up?

But still we have illusions to escape to, from our realities – like ‘All is well, Life is beautiful- all is well that ends well, I am beautiful because I have inner beauty, the boy who didn’t have shoes’ and the list goes on…

What I do not understand is why do we need veils and adornments to frill up the reality to face it? Especially why aren’t we encouraged to be real? Why are we shushed away the moment we say that things aren’t fine. Why are heroes not made of people who don’t say that they can see the brighter aspect of their life, even if they are doing well with their lives without the illusion.

If I am ugly, I do not need an excuse of inner beauty or intelligence to get on with my life. I accept it. I accept- that it pinches. And I accept that I will survive without an ego boost of that line- Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

If I have cancer, I accept that I have it. I don’t need to say “All is well” because it isn’t well. I may survive, I may not, but I know the survival instinct in me will kick off and I will try my best.

If my life sucks, why can’t I say it sucks big time, after all I am running it to my best of my capacities in spite of the odds, isn’t it? Why do I need to smile and say, life is hard but is beautiful, because I see the beauty of life in little things! To tell you frankly, no I don’t see the beauty of little things. I really do not have time to see, you see, because I am busy straightening my life which I feel isn’t a bad thing to do if your matters are not set right, right?

I know things appear in phases in one’s life- if it’s a mess then maybe it won’t be so after a phase. Well, I surely will check out life’s beautiful things then, and if I remember somewhat, yes, life was beautiful, but at the moment, it isn’t and I am perfectly fine with it, and can handle it sans the vocal frills and illusions.

Maybe you will say I have guts or I am in denial or may be both. Maybe you will accuse me of spreading negativity and say that positivity spreads cheer.

If it does to some, then please by all means go ahead, but why condemn those who want to be connected to the real feel of the matters.

After all I am not spreading negativity- I am just trying to be real. I will certainly smile when I have a reason to smile, but not through my tears. I do not look good smiling through my tears. Instead I would rather put my efforts to wipe the tears and wipe out the reason for my tears.

What say readers? Do I have a fair verdict on this one?


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