Question: I am interested in creative writing…..do I have any scope in Assam??(Sukanya)

Answer: Hi Sukanya,

By creative writing, I am assuming you are talking about a career as a feature writer. If yes, the places to look out for in Guwahati would be newspapers and magazines. Since you already have some contacts in Sentinel, why don’t you submit your concept / ideas for a permanent column? I did mine once upon a time and had my column on travel at The Assam Tribune that I ran for more than a year – which finally had to be discontinued as it was colliding with my professional commitments.

Having said that, except for a few “featurish” write-ups in the Saturday/Sunday supplements, the Guwahati based English print media does not offer much scope unless you want to get into hard core journalism/reporting. That leaves you with magazines where I am sure you can find a good opportunity if you really do have a flair for writing. Do you also have a blog? If not, maybe you start with a blog at Blogger.com or WordPress.com and share the link to that in your CV. Also, to enhance your online presence as a writer, you can also write reviews of restaurants, movies etc. at various online forums.

And if you have plans of moving out of Guwahati, there’s a world of opportunities as Content Writers, Feature Writers (online / print), Copy Writers, Ad and PR, Corporate Communications, etc. waiting for you. Delhi and Mumbai are the best places to make a grand career out of writing.

For creative people only the sky is the limit and I am sure you’ll find great opportunities in Guwahati as well.

Please feel free to write back in case you need more help around this.

(FE EDITOR’S NOTE: Dear Sukanya, we at Fried Eye appreciate fresh talent too. Though we do not currently pay for articles published, we will be happy to provide you a platform to hone your writing skills and get a good exposure. Just send in a two/three pieces of your work- previously published or otherwise so that we may be able to assess your work. We will also be happy to hear you out on your concepts if you have a column in mind.)

Question: I am doing my +2 in CBSE(PCM+ Life Sciences combination).I have a CGPA 9.8/10 in AISSE and I aspire to become an Aerospace Engineer. I want to know the best places for doing my B.Tech in Aerospace, I’ve done bit of research about KAIST, although they’re offering Scholarships n admitting students @ merit basis but m bit confused about the enrolment process.. could u help me with that.. n are there any special institutes recognized by NASA, ISRO, or; CERN? I mean for jobs perspective into them after Aerospace Engineering? (Pritish Barman)

Answer: Hi Pritish,
Most of the IITs offer Aerospace Engineering and they are considered(specially one offered by IIT Mumbai) as one of the best not only in India but also in world. So, it will be a good idea to try in IITs…

More over, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SPACE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (IIST) is also one of the best institutes offering Aerospace engineering. Please go through the IIST’s website(http://www.iist.ac.in/admission/under-graduate) to know about the courses in details. The above institutes are well recognised by ISRO for Job prospective. But, NASA generally recruits from American institutes only.

You can go through the below URL to know about the institutes in India offering Aerospace Engineering.
Regarding enrolment process in KSAIT, you may like to go through the below URLs.

Team Xomidhan

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  1. In continuation with the useful information shared by Fried Eye to Sukanya’s query, the key to any creative writer’s success is “Publishing”. Keep writing and get your work published. Earlier with print being the dominant medium, it wasn’t easy, but the onslaught of digital media has opened floodgates of opportunities for freelancers. It isn’t important where you’re from, the whole point is getting your worked noticed.Particiapte in online writing contests and keep sending your write ups to various ezines. Websites like India Career Blogs and CollegeSpeaks pay well to freelance writers.

    Besides if you have the flair for it, you could also organise paid workshops on creative writing, grammar, email ettiquette etc. People are really eager to learn. It always gives you a brand value if you can get a book published as well-could be about anything, fiction, non fiction or even works of translation. Do not confine your creativity to the words alone, make it an integral part of your life and you will find success hitting on you 😉

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