Verse story from Our Fans

Verse story from Our Fans

October 1, 2011 Off By Fried Guest
Once upon a time,….
art was the only form of expression but with speech came greater forms of expression- so we have today songs, essays and poetry to name a few. We are bringing before you two poems from our fans  with the first being by Mayank Aggarwal.
My life, it seems, is a quake no more,
Things are happening, that never happened before
No worries, no pains, nothing, no more,
I’m happy and contended, like never before!I’m running up, along the mountain,
Not panting, and loving the natural cool fountain.
Clad in gold,and with the blessings of the old,
I’m glinting and shining, and shining manifold!I’m calm and peaceful, and looking on,
I’ve been experienced, and now sharing on,
I’ve asked and believed and believed and got,
I’ve got what I’ve asked, and got a lot,
I’ve observed and absorbed and know I’m right,
I’ve your trust, and trust you in the darkest of nights!



And the next we have is a poem by Kalyan Rupa Parasar



Me and my blue



If all blue  are coming in to my eyes,

You can’t move from me.

 Your smile,

 You feel shy.

I  know my blue is flying in the sky.

This may be look in the sea,

when the sky reflects his own image

 In the water of flee.


I  never see the blue in my eyes.

I never say it is mine.

My love dissolves in all  colours,

which you can make  the canvas of  large.

You can fill  your write with blue ink

Its will give you pleasure and love without sink.

I can send  which blue I preserved  in my words.

Just read my write and feel  feathers of love.


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