Kid Kat- A fifty five (word) story

Kid Kat- A fifty five (word) story

October 1, 2011 Off By Geetashree Hazarika

Once upon a time…

people used to love reading short stories which were not that short, but like mini skirts , short stories became shorter still and then came into being experimental microfictions like six word stories,one line story and 55 fiction which as suggested is a fiction limited within 55 words only.


She pounced on, held his tuft of hair. He tried to squirm away. Playful smile flickered past her eyes, drinking the surprise look on his face. He whimpered. Gazes locked. His dreamy eyes stared back at her. A soft snarl, he leapt. She fell back, cried out. And inspected the bright red scratch,
Stupid Cat!

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