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Through the Lens: Nikon D5000


This time, I had the best new year so far. Fried Eye was started and I got the 12.1 Megapixel DSLR Nikon D5000 from my brother as a new year gift. There were other good things also, but this is not the right platform to discuss this. For the first week, I could not believe that I have a DSLR now and I did not use it. But last weekend, I spent some time with it. A very heavy camera which gave a firm grip and clicking pictures without shaking became easier. I am used to all manual SLR so at first, understanding the mechanism was difficult. The camera does not have auto focus built into the camera and has a autofocus mechanism in the lens, so the first thought came to my mind is about the different modes that were provided. I thought, “What is the use of different modes if you don’t control from the camera?” I could not understand anything just by looking at the camera. Then the Wise Bachelor told me, “When nothing else works, read the manual.” So I read the manual, but it was of little help. It was very cryptic while trying to be over user friendly. So, I went for trying it myself and I am presenting you with the pictures I could manage. I have shot on different lighting conditions and varied colour contrasts. After using it for a day, I feel quite comfortable with it. The pictures were not good, but every camera says, the first 10,000 pictures are bound to be bad. I have not edited them except compressing them and putting my name in it.

Nikon Test

Nikon Test

Nikon Test

Nikon Test

Nikon Test

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  1. OK, so u talked about that button that shifts the focus from auto to manual, and vice-versa? 🙂
    Ya, without moving that switch, one can’t shift the focus settings! 🙂 Thanx for pointing out.

  2. If I’m not wrong, there IS autofocus and manual focus (selective focus) in camera settings too… In my Canon EOS 500D it is there, and I think I saw it in a Nikon D3000…

  3. So you have a new team mate in your camera for through the lens. You seem to be very attached to it. Kuch naam bhi rakha hai kya apne camera ki?

  4. Hey.. Promo.. Click us some time too… i will chess….. Those pics are lovely.. With a cam like that one clicking goes to a whole new level. ……Have a happy clicking….. Every moment captured will be a Kodak

  5. You got a beauty in hands. Surprisingly, the quality seem to have dipped a lot after compression. Love to see wonderful pics in future in your camera exploration. 🙂

  6. Not all of them are bad. Many a times you click good pictures, but that is all a matter of luck. after that you plan every thing.

    P.S. – The photo quality has degraded highly after compression. The colour reproduction is super cool in the original.

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