The War

December 21, 2012 Off By Fried Guest


by Saranya Ramalingam


It was a day of violence,

Battles were fought,

For a reason so intense,

On the war field called heart!


You entered my life,

And came along to break the barriers.

It engraved an emotional strife,

For friendship and love were the warriors.


The heart’s forts and territories,

Besieged by the soldiers of might.

The grudge and hatred among the revolutionaries,

Craved to get each other out of sight.


Friendship tried its best,

To win this conflict.

Love did the rest,

What it did, was hard to predict.


With a sword so sharp,

Feelings were murdered.

Tears rolled down drop by drop,

Some fell dead and some staggered.


Raising all its strength and courage,

Love attacked the foe.

To evince the sense of outrage

It launched a heavy blow.


With bleeding drops of red,

And pitch of the voice so low,

Friendship peered at love and said,

Wherever you go, let pain follow.”


The aggressive words echoed all around,

Beneath the seas and over the hills,

The eternal curse is now world renowned,

Being steady and slow, love just kills.”


-Saranya Ramalingan.






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