The Magnetic Heart

June 1, 2010 Off By Manjil P. Saikia

There are some things in life for which you have no explanation. You just take them for granted or maybe get used to it. He has now got used to the fact that he loves a girl who will never ever return his love, at least in the conventional sense of the term. He can never hope to marry her. But still he loves her as much as anyone else can love someone.
It all began when he was wandering alone in the long and rusty corridors of the University with a swollen heart and a bruised ego having got a bashing from his instructor for not doing his lab exercises properly. He was never a good experimenter, he was a theory builder, an expert problem solver the likes of whom his University had never seen before and very likely will never see again. This fact was known to all and he took pride in the fact that he could solve problems in a jiffy which took others days, sometimes even months to solve. He was as much a mathematician in the strict sense of the term as anyone ever will be. An oft repeated comment of his “You can become a mathematician without any degree, but you can never be an engineer without any degree”, seemed so apt in his case that everyone assumed he was one or will become one someday.
Now when he was just about wondering he saw perhaps the most beautiful living creature on the planet. Well at least it appeared that way to him. She was the perfect ten. Clad in a black dress with white gloves to protect her velvety skin against the harshness of chemicals she was dealing with, she appeared to be the quintessential beauty which people dream of. But few, very few achieve that. Unlike him, she wasn’t much interested in problems, she dealt with real life scenario and experimentation and had an experience of life which he will have to wait at least a decade to gain. She hated the two things that he loved the most. Wasn’t it a match made in heaven? Unfortunately, we missed the whole point that she was eight years his senior, at least officially.
Still he could not help falling in love with her. Perhaps love would be a very small word to describe his feelings for her. Even today more than a year since he first set his eyes on her, he cannot but marvel at the beauty. Every time she seemed encapsulated in an imaginary beautiful orb, revolving round her and much like the lotus eaters inviting him to drink its waters. How he would have wanted to do just that each and every day of his life, but alas human tragedy has a way of lurking at all the crossroads in one’s life. He must choose now or else forever live in anonymity. His choice will be less painful if he knows what the future course of time will give him.
He wanted to write something on her, so he decided one fine evening lost in her thoughts to type out a few words on his predicament, hoping that some other desperate lover will be able to show him the way. He ended with a very beautiful and true line, “Isolated magnetic monopole doesn’t exist, you can be sure that somewhere out there is a heart which is magnetic with respect to you.”

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