The End!

The End!

March 15, 2013 Off By Vinayak Gole


At the end of the movie, comes this flash “The End”. And the end of a book, it is embossed. And the end of the road, it is painted. And almost every day, I hear this at least ten times, “This is the end.” Ever wondered why the end has to be explicitly specified everywhere? Why is a beginning never specified? Why does a movie never start with, “The start”. Only the end has to be pointed out.

An end has to be explicitly specified because; only logical end can mark a new beginning. Many a times, we do not want things to end. There is a rhythm to life, there is a pattern to things and there is a way to work. And when anything changes, it signifies an end. Change is never a comfortable feeling for anyone except for some preachers of management disciplines. However, any change marks the end of something and the beginning of something new. And every end marks this new beginning.

A failed relationship marks the beginning of new opportunities. A lay off marks the beginning of a new job. A night marks the beginning of a new day. The list is endless. Many a times, people talk to me about how a good thing has ended. “I was so comfortable in my job. Why did it have to end?” “I loved her so much. Why did it have to end?” “It was such a wonderful day, why did it have to end?”. Common complaints, same answer. It’s never “The End”

As I try to wrap up and print the words that will mark the end of this write up, I realize that it is not just a new beginning for the people reading this, but also for me. As alphabets huddle together to form words and words muddle up to form sentences, this article can never be complete. Because every time, I plan to end what I started, I am faced with a new question, a new quest and a new beginning. So if any one reading this has ever had this thought cross the mind, then this could be the perfect time to start afresh.

The End!

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