The cry of a gloomy pond

August 15, 2010 Off By Priyanka Bhowmick

They come and stare,
At the barrenness of my eyes..
Where nothing is remained with me..
Other than the vicious filth.
My soul surrendered to the soil,
That solaces me in her clinch,
Reminding me of the day’s bygone,
When lovers used to sit by me,
Holding their hands and singing,
The eternal melodies of love,
Birds relished their thirst,
Drinking my water as wine,
And played in my lap,
As they were my child.
While the trees nourished their beauty,
Gazing at my heart as their mirror,
Heaven cried upon my shoulders,
Lending me his tears,
Along with his blessings on me.
And now that I’ve grown old and ugly,
They turn off their sombre faces,
Letting me cry upon my emptiness

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