Momentous Event, Vivid Memories

August 15, 2010 Off By Fried Guest

-Bibhuti Borkotoky
Freelance Writer

When I was of age 7 years, a momentous day is still fresh in my memory. Every home were decorated with earthen lamp, and people enjoyed fireworks as if it was Deepawali. The entire country was in festive mood on that day and one could see the ecstatic expression in each face.
That momentous day was none other than 15th of August 1947. India got Independence after a long after a long struggle against the British. At that moment, I did not know the meaning of Independence Day, so I simply joined the celebrations.
Today, when I look back, I can realise that those thousands of lamps were lighted in the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and themselves could not live to see the light of the day for which they fought.
Today, it is impossible to imagine how Gandhiji brought independence through the principle of non-violence with the help of his followers. Or the people who sacrificed their lives in the organised massacre of Patharughat which was repeated 26 years after in Jalianwalabagh, by the British. Among the thousands of martyrs in the freedom movement in Assam, we must remember the great heroes like Moniram Dewan, Piyali Baruah, Kushal Konwar, Kamala Miri whe were hanged and Kanaklata who took bullets bravely in her chest while trying unfurl the Indian National Flag.
On this day, I salute the great martyrs who made it possible that we breath in free air and live a great life.

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