The Better Half

May 15, 2011 Off By Miss Cellany

The other day, I happened to over hear a conversation in my office about relationships , soul mates and perfect partners. Though I just remained a mute spectator or rather a mute observer, I still could not help wonder later, who among the choices I had ,would qualify to be my perfect mate ? (platonic or otherwise) or what are the expectations and qualities that I would desire in my soul mate if I put aside the, social standing, future security and money matters associated with it and concentrate only on the emotional quotient.

Love and Loyalty I guess will come as the foremost requirement. In fact a sort of blind love will be just right. He or she has to like and accept me the way I am no matter how unlikely that may seem. I may romp around in a sweaty one day old pajamas and t shirt and messed up hair and still be as attractive to him or her anyday.

Another quality that I would undoubtedly desire is that he/she should be a patient and sympathetic listener.I must be able to crib, crib and crib about anything under the sun till eternity , and still not hear a word or even a look of irritation from him/ her.

I would love to consider myself as his/ her greatest critic ( I have the right to, don’t I love him/her ?) but on a different noteI would very much appreciate if he/she is not judgmental about me.

I must be able to confide in him/her my deepest darkest secrets without the fear of them seeing the daylights any day.

I should have the right to shut him/her out of my life whenever I am in need of my private space and still have him/her back in my arms the moment my ‘space’ starts closing in on me.

Sounds tyrannical, isn’t it? More like a monopoly rather than a love relationship . Of course I will be gracious enough to profess undying love if the above conditions are met and I would only be too happy to show my love now and then. Now wouldn’t such an arrangement, if possible, be a bliss and long lasting? Such a mate who sounds Utopian to be real, if present in this universe, won’t it be delight to have him/her? Impossible, you must be thinking. Who would agree to such a dictatorship even if blind in love and adoration. But you see, I do have this perfect mate/ friend no matter how unbelievable it may sound and she is none other than my pet, my German Spitz – Timmy. Obviously such a relationship with a human isn’t possible. Such a one person -monopoly relationship would be possible only with a loyal four legged being. . And I feel lucky to have her to light up my dark days. Loving, loyal, innocently playful- she is the perfect foil to my volatile self. She never fails me and is always there for me in an unobtrusive way. A total darling, A bitch but not bitchy…

A perfect arrangement-But to my surprise, I do miss the imperfections often. How much I would love to hear a retort at times! A little bit of harmless lies,sweet tiffs and quarrels. The sulking ,the tears! The reproach, the possessiveness. The criticism, the insecurities. All the follies of humans, that in a twisted way make a man or woman more attractive and the relationship dynamic and wholesome!

Don’t they say, a perfect relationship isn’t about two perfect human beings or about the perfect behaviour between two persons,,rather its when you start loving and living happily with the imperfections of it all.

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