Ten obsolete technologies which are on its way to become history

Ten obsolete technologies which are on its way to become history

November 1, 2011 Off By Fried Eye Research Team

Ring out old bells , Ring in new!  With December approaching fast we will be exactly doing that,but sometimes we really have to ‘ring them out’. So is the case with clothes, newspapers and other utility stuff which for example might even include Technology. With rapid progress in technology , the downside is that technologies become obsolete rapidly too.  We decided to bring before you Fried Eye’s version of the ten obsolete technologies, which are on the verge of bowing out gracefully giving way to newer better ones along with a personalised epitaph from


We will start our list from something which is not a recent one and in fact has been around since quite a long time.


The Typewriter-

Born on- 1868

Parents- Christopher Latham Sholes, Carlos Glidden and Samuel W. Soule.

Epitaph- Here lies an invention which had come as a boon to those persons who were terribly lazy to have a full control over their handwriting and what passed as letters from their hand were in fact ineligible scrawls . More than writing it made reading and recording easier in offices or similar officious places. It has also seen many creative ideas pouring forth from it when great writers typed reams and reams of paper as the manuscript of their masterpieces. QWERTY keyboard can never ever forget how much indebted it is to you for bringing it to the world. You will be missed by nostalgic persons but I doubt if ever recalled.

The Cassette and cassette players

Born on- 1962

Parents- Phillips.

Epitaph- Here lies an invention that made music quite portable and assessable to the masses without burning a huge hole in their pockets.  It took over the place of pride held by the vinyl LP records because of its greater storage potential and was quite popular till the nineties. But what goes from you comes back to you too. And you suffered the same fate as the LP records when the compact disc made its entry. We are still holding on to your memories for you were the one who brought to us the world of music . And we will always have fond memories of  you.


Born on-1950

Parents- The Reevesound company of Newyork

Epitaph- Here lies an invention that had elevated the image of doctors in TV shows when they strutted it showing it off , making them seem like the next best thing after the Marines. You have given many a medico sleepless night but since that was for a greater cause , hence at this hour you stand forgiven . May God grant you deliverance and may you finally rest in peace.

Cathode Ray Television or the Non flat screen Television

Born on- 1907

Parents- Boris Rosen and the German company- Telefunken

Epitaph- Here lies an invention which passed away untimely simply because of morbid obesity and depression due to rejection.  Its demise proves that slim is always healthy and more desirable than Obesity. After all everyone likes mobility and portability when it comes to utility. And add to it the superior pictures of LCDS and LEDS, it simply did not have a chance to survival. Maybe you can become an example to those persons who do not believe that obese is unhealthy.

Telephone – The  telephone

Born on- March 1876

Parents- Alexander Graham Bell but paternity has always been disputed

Epitaph- Here lies an invention which amazed people with the enormity of its significance and elevated science and scientists to the level of Demi God. Communications improved and boundaries were overcome. But you lost out to the mobile phones but they can never achieve that awe that you had inspired when you first made your presence felt here on earth. May your soul rest in peace .


Floppy Disk-

Born on- 1960

Parents- Untraced

Epitaph- Here lies an invention that really was just an interim measure before developers could figure out a better thing, but for the general untrained public, well-they never could really figure out what it was. Good bye and thanks for whatever you were.  May you be happy wherever you are now

Instant camera

Born on- 1948

Parents- Edwin Land

Epitaph- Here lies an invention who really believed in instant gratification and wish our Govt Servants learned a thing or two from it. The wait was really over when it entered our lives , but the disease called technological progress always catches up and one fine day you realize that you have succumbed to it. Your memories will always be with us .



Born on 1837

Parent- Samuel Morse

Epitaph- Here lies an invention which also was a pioneer in bridging the distance by its communications technology but seriously how long can we expect it to last in today’s age of Internet, telephones and televisions. Thank You for what all you did for us. It can never be forgotten how you had helped us in times of dire need. But now we have to move on. Peace be with you.

OTG (oven toaster grill)

Born on- Date not known

Parents – Unknown

Country of origin- Not known

Relevance pertaining to India

Epitaph- Here lies an appliance which had stormed our household with quite a hullabaloo and became a symbol of elevated social status, but it could not hold forth against the onslaught of the more hi tech Microwave ovens in terms of functionality. Stayed here for a period, many even doesn’t know you existed. Hope you are in a better place now.

The neighborhood cable operator (pertaining to India)

Born on- 1992


Epitaph- Here lies a system which literally lit up the hearts of lakhs of Indian viewers when it came to being. They almost became one of the most important contact of a household and people used to hot-line their phone numbers, but now they are slowly being killed by the set top box. Though you gave a good fight but it is time to let go now.RIP

Well that was our fried list of obsolete technologies. What are yours?


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