Taxi or Bus

November 15, 2010 Off By Dipankar Nath

They were not looking at each others eyes. It was remarkable how inspite of them being so close to each other, they were able to hate each other thoroughly for the past, present and future.

The instantaneous hatred was so intense. They wanted to see each other suffer. They thought that would ease their wildly burning heart and would douse the flames within.

There was no reason why they wouldn’t settle it. It as if there was clash of egos.

They were travelling by the train. On the way from Pune to Mumbai. It was such a lovely morning that if you would glimpse outside you should be able to forget everything. Well, except what was going between them.

He left her side and taking advantage of the fact that the compartment was so empty, took another window seat. It of course made it easier for them to look away from each other; they also had beautiful view of the outside to keep them away distracted. But not for long. Their mind was soon filled with each others thought. Angry thoughts. Him thinking constantly about what he would reply to her hypothetical question and then the imaginary him and her were constantly arguing against each other and soon they could no longer hold onto those arguments and finally again look outside and take a deep breath.

He felt he should say sorry. He was thinking of getting up and going back to her. But then suddenly she chose that moment to ask him whether they should take a taxi or the bus from the station.

He flared up again. It was irrational, he knew that too. But the fact that she made it sound as if nothing had happened earlier between them, made him far angrier. He coldly replied that he would take a taxi. However she wanted to take the bus. He retorted back that he would go by a taxi no matter what.

The train soon drew to the station. They took up their bags and walked away from the platform staying close to each other but hardly looking at each other. They soon reached the taxi and the bus stand. He told her that he wanted to take a taxi, but she was adamant. He ignored her and called a taxi and went off leaving her alone.

Just a few moments inside the taxi and he started feeling waves of regret of leaving her alone in the station. He felt stupid about himself. He decided that he would go back to bring her and apologise. He asked the driver to take a turn and head back to the station.

He could never do that. Because when the driver was taking a turn, a bus came and hit the taxi head on. It was the same bus which he might have taken with his wife, if he wouldn’t have been so adamant in taking a taxi alone.

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