SOS Santa!

SOS Santa!

November 1, 2013 Off By Fried Eye


Dear Santa,

I would like a gift. I have tried to be good through out the year, I really tried, but its another matter that year wasn’t good to me. ( I wonder what gifts do years get) Well as I was saying. I tried to be good to the best I could. And since I tried my best So,can I please have a gift this christmas? Well I always do, in fact, but this year as a special treat for me trying to be real good, can I have a gift of my choice? you see I would like to have a God as my gift. A personal God. Just my God. No I am not talking about idols nor photographs, but I mean real God. It needn’t be a powerful God who can create miracles and fulfill all my wishes. Oh no I wouldn’t ask for such fancy stuff. A simple one will do just fine. Just someone who would be always there for me and me alone.  I don’t have any complains with the ultimate Daddy God if you are wondering. I know He is busy  after all he so many things to manage and so much work. So many prayers to listen and so many souls to save. No wonder he has no time to sit near me and hold my hands and sing me to sleep, just like Daddy. you see Daddy is a busy man too, so is Mommy. But really I am not complaining, because the big Daddy God do come and help me out when I am stuck in a jam, but just like that.. he is gone too when the trouble is over, So I would like someone , a God, who is there always near me, when I feel scared during the dark night. A god, who would just wipe my tears away silently , when I am heartbroken. A God who would hug me when I am inconsolable  or stiff with fear and make me feel safe.A God who would listen to me without being bored or judgmental (huge word, hope i got it right), who wouldn’t laugh at me when I make a fool of myself or tell me I told you so. A God, who would correct me without hurting or punishing me. A God who would make losing easier. oh yes, Did you really think that I will be using my God to do my assignments or make me tops in games? Did you really think I would be wanting a God for those reasons? Some how, I can’t explain, but it does not seem right. Maybe because Teacher and Mom keep on drumming inside my head about cheating and stuff. And that reminds me what else I would like my God to do for me- when I am in a doubt about something ,I would want it to just assure me and whisper to me- whatever you choose I am with you and we will deal with it together.  Grand ma says if you meditate and think about Daddy God seriously, in the sense real real seriously, he will do the same things that I would want of my personal God, but am I Not a little too young to meditate? I mean I don’t have it in me to imagine like that in thin air. We humans are often said to have a great imagination, but for once I want a real God, my own real God. Please don’t say that maybe I need a friend and not a God. A friend is always there everyone says, but even a friend cannot be alwaysly always there, can he? A friend may sometimes not understand and most of my friends are as lonely as me at times. Please don’t even say Doraemon either, I do not want a robotic cat, I am sure of what I want and it is a God I am sure-One who would just know when to reach out and hold my hand and smile at me and say- you are not alone. You never will be. You needn’t be afraid. Trust me. I am there. Please Santa can you please send someone like that? I really need one, badly.

lonely kid

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