Priyanka’s Top Ten Gadgets for Girls/Women

Priyanka’s Top Ten Gadgets for Girls/Women

March 13, 2012 Off By Priyanka Bhowmick

Women rule the world. It’s not just me who says it but the entire world today agrees with the statement. Women have progressed miles today and they also carry a role towards the development of the world. Beginning her day from household works, cooking meals, looking after her family and children to managing her office works, supporting her friends and colleagues and earning an income, the woman of today can perform any kind of task that doesn’t make her stand beyond anymore. Even in this era of technology, women took a huge leap where she can understand and operate all kinds of devices. Today in this Women’s Special edition of Fried Eye, I am proud to present a collection of gadgets those are especially built for women.

  1. Russian Doll Earbuds

These cute looking trendy earphones are compatible with any devices such as mp3 players, laptops, portable gaming systems, etc.

Price: $9.90 (Amazon); ` 2,164/- (Ebay)

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  1. Hello Kitty Nerd MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive (8 GB)

Flash drive with a nerdy look wearing black spectacles and a red bow in her forehead. Especially studious and intellectual women will definitely like it. Hello Kitty Nerd flash drive is available in sizes 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB.

Price: $34.95- $119.95

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  1. Sony Ebook Reader Pocket Edition (Pink)

Since pink is associated with girls, Sony’s Pink Ebook Reader will be a great choice for bookworms. This pocket sized reader weighs light and can store upto 350 ebooks. It has ebook library software for Mac and PC and has 5” screen display.

Price: $132.29 (Amazon); `12,798/- (Rediff)

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  1. iRobot Roomba

Tired of cleaning the floor everyday? Then get this perfect floor cleaner called Roomba. Roomba helps cleaning your floor dust, pet hair and dirt. Also it can clean your furniture, carpet, tiles and walls with its advanced vacuum cleaning technology.

Price range: $349.99- $599.99

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  1. Sony Vaio E Series

This colorful range by Sony Vaio looks vibrant and gorgeous. Available in various screen sizes and colors, you can select your favorite one from the series. Colors available in E series are Black, White, Blue, Pink, and Green, all in glossy look. Key features include Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI for viewing in HDTV, home theatre, Intel Core i5 processor and Windows 7.

Price range: `36,990/– `57,990/-

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  1. Chocolate Wired Keyboard

This keyboard with a chocolaty look will work on your PC and laptop.

Price: `600/-

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  1. DuoFertility Monitor

For married women, the DuoFertility Monitor is a great aid when you are planning for a pregnancy. The monitor helps you to get pregnant naturally by tracking your body basal temperature through which it can identify your last ovulation and shows you the best time to have intercourse. The device also provides you software to connect on your Mac/ PC so that you can read your reports into a graph. The monitor is worn under your arm with the aid of a specifically designed armband.

Price: £495 (available in various colors)

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  1. Micromax Bling 2

This gorgeous looking fashionable smartphone by Micromax is an ultimate choice for girls. Bling 2 is a touchscreen smartphone running on Android 2.2 (Froyo), consisting of 3 MP camera, 150 MB internal memory expandable upto 32 GB with microSD card, Gprs, 3G, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Price: `6200/-

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  1. Philips HP8600 Hair Curler (Purple)

Love to play with your hair? Philips HP8600 Hair Curler is a hassle free hair curling machine that gives your hair a bouncy and stylish look. The tool gives your hair 32 mm tong heating upto a temperature level of 180 degree Celsius.

Price: `1117/-

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  1. Apple iPod Nano

Last but not the least is the small and trendy looking Apple iPod Nano. Available in multiple vibrant colors, the iPod Nano is very compact and perfect mp3 player for girls. iPod Nano is available in two sizes- 8 GB and 16 GB.

Price:` 8699/-

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