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September 1, 2011 Off By Fried Guest

The Flight of Dreams by Priyanka Gogoi


As the shell crumbles, the roof disappears;

I find myself struck by a vision,

And left bewildered, in shock, perhaps choked;

With eyes fixed at the unknown blue

I see an eagle soaring heights,

And think of my dreams that lay

Dismal, drowsy, desperately schizophrenic,

Behind the bars of doubts & fear, untold;

Cocooned within tiring introspection,

My dreams procrastinate like the old Hamlet.

Yet they are alive, looking for liberty,

From the unseen shackles of illusion.

A sudden realization storms in

Creating tremors deep inside

And cautiously unleash the cage.

With a creak opens the door

And lets off the rust to mix with the soil

Sweet smell of lilacs comes floating in the air

The heart overwhelms with joy unbound

I see my dreams flying free,

Chasing the eagle in the vast blue bosom above

To transcend the limits of uncertainty.





Genesis by Heena Aggarwal



The creature poked out his nose,

He saw a land where nothing grows…

His hair wasn’t curly, his temper surly,

He had risen too early which heightened his woes.



The creature lumbered along,

There wasn’t a thing in the world which wasn’t wrong.

This world as created was much over rated,

And, oh! How he hated its success stories long.


The creature lurched on his way

The dust and the blowing wind wished him good day.

But nobody only mumbled and onward he stumbled,


Some people, He grumbled,

Have too much to say.


The creature wanted some thrills

But these sociable folks were worst of his ills.

Amazed he was and confused in his nest

How was the world different from the rest?


Here everybody pets him


Everybody frets him


This world still a mystery to him

But the world now, knows him…





LIFE REGAINED by Geetima Baruah Sarma


A pleasant day ‘twas,

That turned into tears,

Long drive, long journey,

A trip to a distant city.

Left home in the morning,

Dad at the wheel was driving,

Brothers asked me riddles,

I tried to solve the puzzles.

The sun reached overhead,

Sandwiches, sweets we shared,

As destination half-way remained,

A soul-stirring incident happened.

Suddenly the road turned wavy,

The car toppled topsy-turvy,

Rolling once, twice, thrice,

Our tender nerves froze like ice.

I closed my eyes in fear,

O God save us, an earnest prayer,

Then slowly opened my tearful eyes,

But just couldn’t believe my eyes!

Our backs were on the ground,

With countless people all around,

Dad, brothers looked at me,

I heaved a long sigh faintly.

Gradually the crowd dispersed,

Our car lied with wheels upward,

The day in my memories remained,

I thanked God for our lives regained


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