Horrorscope- Career concerns!

September 1, 2011 Off By Bhoothnath

It is common to find articles and horoscope-ic career guides advising what exactly would be the best career option for the different star signs, so for example we have advises like creative arts for the pisceans and leadership jobs for the leos etc etc. But what if I write about what should be avoided will you believe me? Ah! Do I see skeptical stares? Alright, what if I provide why they should be avoided, describing graphically , then? Fine, I do see some nods and half smiles. Lets proceed without wasting any more time

Reputed as being one of the friendliest and chattiest sun sign, you simply should not go for those jobs where over friendliness can be killing. Though at the first instance you might seem suitable for tele marketing and as tele customer care executive, but the bother comes when you don’t know when to stop chatting or being friendly so as to continue with your advises on anything and everything and oohs and aahs about the person’s latest cell phone or even the mix breed dog. So can you imagine the state of the multi national company which has its tele callers spending two happy hours on each customer? No doubt they will be having three Aunties totally satisfied with them, but a firm doesn’t operate with just three customers, does it?  So no call centre job for you.
You will not be suited in any other job other than a govt job (yeah blame the govt all you want, but they are ‘dream jobs’ literally) or a teaching job to an extent.  Why? Because pisceans are known as dreamers and to dream without interruptions you need a job suited for it and what better than Govt jobs and teaching jobs where you can simply fly high and roam in your dreams without getting the boot. In fact remaining unemployed is also not a proper option for pisceans as the other family members will never allow to sit and dream in peace either hence my advice- just don’t go into any carer that does not allow you to dream in peace.
You are known for being addictive to being in charge and total control. You like to be the best hence some jobs needs to be avoided like the plague by you in the best interest of the society and they are –
Thou will not be a night chowkidaar
Thou will not be a night chowkidaar in a cemetry
Thou will not be an ICU (intensive care unit )personel
for obvious reasons. Your “be in charge” funda might result in disastrous and blasphemous outcomes of the work you would do. I shudder to even spell it loud.
you there
Your lazy take it easy streak simply prohibits you from going into athletics or extreme sports. it will turn out to be a major disaster to you , your trainer and most of all to the team or state, country   . Some things cannot really be changed , So grounded you are and obstinate like a mule and also a bull, no one can make you run, even for the life of you.
You are reknowned for your quicksilver run of mind never coming to a proper decision at any point of time. So any job that requires you to take instant decisions are a total no-no for you like The defence forces and emergency room specialist. If you stay confused at  how you will go for an enemy in an assault , then God help the rest from the indecisions of more like you . In a war you simply can’t go – Oh Hell! Do I shoot him? Or do I run? Or should I use the dagger? Damn! Let me just shoot myself instead. – That was just an example.
A brooding breed of people with terrible mood swings, you will definitely be good customer service personals which require tact , diplomacy and lots of patience, with great communication skills, a thing which is almost nil in you. If only customer servicing included sulking and scowling too… I wonder I wonder!
You you are disliked for your dominating behaviour but I feel your most limiting attribute is your tendency for over dramatisation. And keeping that in mind , I will strongly advice you against being a librarian. I mean, a nine to five job where you have to remain silent will simply kill you. and so is espionage not a favourable option for you. In a situation where you need to lie low and inconspicuous , you will surely kill all of us with your histrionics.
Harshness is something that simply does not go with you. You may be sharp, you may be clever , but force is not your forte at all. Other than the obvious banning of contact sports that require force, I would also advice you to avoid any job that requires law and enforcement. Like you can never become a good cop like Amitabh Bacchan or Akshay Kumar. In fact I fear that if you by any chance do become one, Anna Hazare might have to go for another fast
You are such a one tough calculating person that never ever will you satisfy anyone if you become a financial advisor or a career counsellor or even a psychiatrist. They may sound just the right thing for an analyst like you but for your clients it will be a tremenduous torture for them to listen to your on and on analysis.
Vengeance ! Vengeance and more vengeance! yes thats you! A sign that never forgets and forgives, you should never be in any kind of team work or sports.One tiff with anyone in your team and your whole team is ruined. so much is your over powering urge for revenge that just to get even you won’t bother to harm your whole team and even yourself.
A seemingly innocuous sign with lots of love and good nature spilling  from you , you just should not be a dentist or a magistrate. People who face you might just faint with confusion with the apparent duality. Angel of Death? Hammer of Eden?
A slow climber, ambitious and of course focused. Now which job should you refrain yourself from. Difficult one! A sign belonging to one who is so sure footed as to climb the highest of mountain can never be not made for any job sort of person. you may not excel but you certainly perform

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