Bags for the Classes

March 15, 2011 0 By Gargee Borah

Gone are the days when the thought of summer brought to our minds the lovely floral patterns. And that is not only for clothes, but also for accessories and bags as well. This spring/summer season breaks this tradition and gives us a classy selection of mini satchels and shoulder bags in the most classy shades and shapes.

This season the classy and retro-inspired styles are completely in instead of the floral designs and ruffles. This trend has set into motion a pastel chromatic palette that includes shades such as cream, pink, neutrals, tan, brown and black.

Embellishments, varied fabrics, sheerness, sequins, nautical stripes etc have made this add-on very diverse and fashionable. Satchels, totes, clutches and shoulder bags are all part of this unique and slightly eclectic trend. Leather is also high on the list of buyers. Its shiny texture and classy outlook makes for a very good impression in offices and business outings.


When looking for shapes that you might prefer to buy, you can have a look at the box-shaped clutches in metallic shades that make for a very classy party add-on. Also long strapped bags with embellishments and studs go well in casual and semi-formal occasions.
The tricky part is selecting a handbag that matches as many of your needs as possible, that suits your lifestyle while at the same time is a reflection of your personality. If you are planning to buy these attractive styles then make sure to plan your purchases wisely taking into account your existing wardrobe as well as other potential clothing items you might consider buying in the future. Doing so will greatly expand the possibilities as far as the mixing and matching process is concerned, allowing you to stand out without spending a small fortune on these trendy picks.

Pick your favourite handbag from this summer’s collection and you’ll be well on your way to looking glamorous the entire season. Still, maintaining variety is an equally constructive approach to prevent getting stuck in a style rut

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