Mother by Bhargavi Bellamkonda

August 15, 2012 Off By Fried Guest

I feel complete in the lap of my mother
the mother of all fathers
the mistress over all masters

Her love is smoother than a smile
her smile is swifter than a tear
her tear is harder than a heart burst

She soothingly hugs her dear daughter
givin her warmth of the whole world

But the closed window separates the dear daughter from its mother
poor mother don’t know how to barge into this speechless four walls

how can a polluted heavy breeze carry my mom’s message
how can a shelterless thirsty bird convey my mom’s words
how can an infertile desperate hen wake me up
how can a bare tree shed a flower to cheer her daughter on the way
can the young one enjoy the uncertain acidified mother’s touch?

This little daughter don’t know how to be happy seeing her diseased mother
she could ony imagine to feel complete
only imagine to be hugged in its mothers lap


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