Miss Under Standing

May 1, 2010 Off By Child Guest

– Today’s Author : Srajan Bhatnagar, follow him in twitter http://twitter.com/srajanb

Even best of friends can have misunderstandings. But this one was not a great tragic misunderstanding but a funny one.
Puneet and I are best friends. We study in the same school and class and also good neighbors. We grew up playing and studying together. He is a nice decent fellow. He is as away from girls as a 15yr old boy can be (#ItsReallyTrue). He never comments on them and not even gives a look to them. He won’t turn back to look even if Kate Moss passes by him. But this time I thought that he had grown up and had started to take interest in girls but as I told you it was a MISUNDERSTANDING.
It was a beautiful February evening. Our exams were going on. We were hoping to get to the 9th standard. I had come to his place to discuss Math problems (our teachers are busy digging their noses during classes so we students teach each other #JustSaying). All the problems had been discussed. I was going back to my world of books and he came outside to bid farewell. There is a large open space and some railway tracks overlooking his house. As we were sharing the tricks and tips of Maths, a good-looking teenage girl passed by us in a Scooty and simultaneously some migratory birds flew above us in the sky (they come to India during the winters and go back to Siberia in summer #RandomTrivia).
Then we had the following conversation. (My thoughts are stuffed in brackets like these ones () #Info)
Puneet : How beautiful !!!
Me: (Yeah!! She is really pretty. At last, Puneet’s mind has become like a real teenager) Yeah! very beautiful.
Puneet: You know! Comes every winter at our place.
Me-(Setting hai boss!) Great dude! (Lucky Guy #Jealous)
Puneet – Actually comes to reproduce
Me- (what the…. ) Are you kidding?
(What a joke! Ha ha ! He was talking about Reproducing and I was mentioning Kidding)
Puneet- Turns towards me and sees my gaze at elsewhere. Where are you looking at Srajan?
I speechlessly pointed towards the retreating Scooty and its beautiful rider.
He kicked me and said- Why you … ? Do you always have to think of girls? I was speaking about those migratory birds.
I kicked him back and said – Why you …? Can’t you behave like a normal teenager for a change?
And we both doubled up laughing.

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