Mickey Trivia- Happy Birthday Mickey

November 15, 2011 Off By Fried Eye Research Team

If he had been created just four days earlier , he would have shared his birthday with the children’s day.  But I guess that was not meant to happen due to human limitation or Walt Disney’s mood and Mickey Mouse came to our lives on the 18th of November. Just four days after we celebrate children’s day. So how much do we know about the world’s favourite mouse ? Of course Jerry is cute , but it cannot compare to the popularity and mass acceptance of Mickey Mouse. We are today bringing before you some quick trivia which we are sure you could look it up in wikipedia too, but that would be tedious for you, wouldn’t it be? Instead we are bringing before you a few short, quick facts about Mickey Mouse.

Do you know how old Mickey will be this birthday? 91 years ! and he is still going young and strong.

Do you know in which movie Mickey debuted ? He debuted in Steamboat Willie

Do you know how many of his movies were nominated in the academy awards for the best animation movie? Nine and Lend a paw won the award in 1942

Do you know when Mickey began to appear in comic strips? in 1930

Walt Disney created Mickey mouse. Do you know who the co creator of Mickey was?  Ub iwerks

Minnie was Mickey’s girlfriend. Do you know the name of his enemy? Its Pete.

Do you know Mickey’s original name before it was changed to Mickey? Mortimer Mouse.

Do you know that Mickey’s debut was not in fact his first movie but his third? The first was in fact Plane crazy.

Do you know the first movie where Mickey spoke? what were his first words? The movie was Karnivall kid and the first words were “hot dog , hot dog!”

Do you know in which movie Mickey appeared for the first time with Donald and when? In 1934 in the movie Orphan’s benefit.

Do you know the official color movie release of Mickey? The band concert in 1935.

Do you know which was Mickey’s first full length feature film? Fantasia in 1940

Do you know something strangely miraculous happened in 1988?  The rivals i.e Disney’s Mickey mouse and Warner Bro’s Bugs bunny came together in the movie Who framed roger the rabbit .

Those were some of the trivia related to the world’s favourite mouse. You can add to the list if you have some more and let the knowledge and charm of Mickey spread all over . That in fact will be the best way to celebrate his birthday – together .

Do you know Epic Mickey is a video game where Mickey’s image has been rebranded to give him a mischievous darker personality?

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