Mere Brother Ke Dulhan- A filmy story by Sharmila Jaykumar

Mere Brother Ke Dulhan- A filmy story by Sharmila Jaykumar

October 1, 2011 Off By Fried Guest

Once upon a time…

we were accustomed to movie reviews by professionals who said a lot about the technical and artistic aspects of the movie, but India is a free country, so obviously even the aam movie goers can have a shot at movie reviewing, and so we have a humorous, candid , straight from the heart review of the movie Mere Brother Ke Dulhan by our fan Sharmila Jayakumar

Hindustani weddings always have a spark. Performing ceremonies like the sangeeth, the mehendi and many more, daughters are generally shooed off from the house in a luxurious baraat.

    After deciding to take a small break from our Padukone’s style; hot, handsome London-stani Luv [Ali Abbas Zafar] decides to get married to a Hindustani dulhan ( license to have a rebound partner, may be that’s what he thought it to be) and requests his brother KUSH [the stunningly awesome Imran Khan] to find a girl. Luv thinks that since both the brothers share the same taste in colors , shoes, food etc they would share their tastes in girls too [ wah!! Bhay ho tho aisa].

                                Starting his hunt to find an attractive girl for bhaisaheb, he ends up meeting wild cat Dimple [Katrina Kaif] who was his friend in college. Appreciating her honesty and truthful nature as well as admiring her beauty and on his way falling in love with her he asks her to marry his bhaisaheb.

                                In the process of finding the best in Dimple he falls in LOU(read love) with her. Dawdler Kush then fails to accept the fact that she’s bhaisaheb’s dulhan and leaves the engagement which convinces people that he’s in love with her. It is only when he is smacked [ kheechke thapad “phaa-a-aaatt”] by Dimple that his dimaag ki batti starts to glow!

       Ah! Finally the race begins- the race between the criminal activities of Kush, Dimple and his besties with time to call off the wedding. All that Kush wants is to not hurt bhaisaheb in the whole course of action [alias criminal activities with a tinge of EMO]. The journey starts with a dhinchak naach by Madhubala, moves forward with the teekhi talwar of Tara D’Souza onto a happy ending [picture abhi baaki hai mere dost].

             Never in the history can a Bollywood movie have a single happy ending. It’s the two climax type [you can call it a pre and a post climax]; Its always the climax when the hero is shot or the bomb blasts or some photo slides in- MBKD follows the exact same style.


   Conclusion-    On the whole the movie is a complete package of entertainment. ‘Mere Brother ki Dulhan’ is a pretty simple, high-spirited and untraditional Bollywood story-Yet another interesting and fun-filled comedy by debutant director Ali Abbas Zafar. Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif together showed their jalwaa on the screen for the first time. Astounding cinematography by Sudeep Chatterjee accompanied by apt editing by Ritesh Soni brings  colour to the movie .All the 8 songs back to back are feet tapping, this reminds me of Sohail Sen who now have a successful soundtrack with a high energy music.

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