Memories by Jigar Shah

September 15, 2012 Off By Fried Guest

Shirt: Check
Denim :Check
Car: Check
Tyres: Check

All set to go …eyes are set on mission… and here he is set on the wheel to reach his destination and the only right now that is set on his mind is what will he do when he reaches his destination. How will say what he wants to say, how will others react to what he will say to them. Will people recognise him? Will they be as friendly as they were last time around when he met them…he was not even sure if the same people are coming to the destination or they will be replaced by the younger lot of people.

He finally reaches the destination and the first person he bumps into calls him Eid Ka Chand , he smiles and answers back “I’m worst then Eid Ka Chand, at least you know when the moon is going to come out but I’m not sure when I come out to meet up.”He then bumps into a long last friend , who was busy staring at her crush who she knows since childhood but has never been able to go up to him and even and have a straight conversation…he leaves her to her instruments’ and heads ahead…

He suddenly hears his name being called out and turns to see, an ex-colleague waving out to him …both of them were enemies till they worked together but have been more cordial when she moved on to another company. He has been a fan of her style since the beginning…both catch up on old times of how they used to fight to work on same projects and they would be on each others throat throughout the office…he sees her coming close to him….more closer….even more closer and she suddenly screams into his ears……..( BOOM).

Suddenly Chirag realises he’s caught in a killer jam and has moved only 100 metres in last one hour and by the time he would reach his destination, the only people left would be the waiters and the cleaners. It was the worst jam he had ever been in…

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