what is love?
A myth?
A myth that survives on human’s thinking.
Because we are apart, far apart from reality.
Which is a pain.
The pain that shatters your heart into pieces.
But at the end of the day, love is love.
Nothing can take its place.
Love is painful.
But you enjoy the pain.
Love is hurt.
But you enjoy the hurt.
Because for love, we can do anything.
We can travel miles and miles for love.
We do it all for LOVE.
But then, what exactly is love?
A hurtful feeling, and nothing else.
A painful giving and no receiving.
We still believe that this four lettered word love, starting from one’s teenage to maturity.
When we realize that the same four lettered word LOVE is nothing but LUST.
How we wish somebody had guided us.
Had explained.
Had told us the difference.
Life would have been different too.
Different to be more beautiful.
Some say, “Life is a bitch, and then you marry one.”
And I say, “Life is a bitch you are married to by birth.
There isn’t a way out”
There are certain things we don’t choose for ourselves.
They are just there. We have to put up with the circumstances and the situations.
There is no way we can escape or get away. Whether it makes us or brakes us. We wish to go on. We often get tempted.We carry on with life.
We fall in love, and believe it will last forever.
But then, it doesn’t really last forever, does it???

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