Of Life she still remains

Of Life she still remains

December 15, 2013 Off By Fried Guest
by Dipankar Borah


Love came to him

Like an uninvited guest

One emotion drenched afternoon

She stepped in to his life

Her chiseled eyebrows

Cascaded her eyes

Confused, worried, enigmatic

She laughed away his words

He broke his heart then

But Hope consoled him

lost love

A better morning

Gave him a world

Restricted, limited, fortified

She dwelt more firmly

In the corridor of his torn heart

Hope and Dream played

The eighth symphony of Love…

Through the hazy mist of time

He saw them murdered brutally

Hope shattered.

Dreams trampled.

Love cremated.

Deep down the abyss

Of Life she still remains

To reign his heart, to hum

him the meaning of Love.



About the writer:
I hail from North Lakhimpur. Presently i’m working as PGT English in KV Missamari. I write poems,articles, letter to editors, travel writing,book reviews etc.my works have been published in The Assam Tribune, The Sentinel and Saatsori. I completed my masters in English from Tezpur University in 2011. my other interests include reading books, watching movie and playing flute.

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